Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blogcast...

From blog facilitator JayJay:
Deadline pressure has gotten to Jim and he’s started in with the funny late night emails to me.

See what I have to put up with?  He's mad as a loon.

Jim wrote this to me in the middle of the night, making me laugh, while I’m trying to paint the fires of hell for a heavy metal album cover, harshing my whole evil vibe! Argh! 

Posting it is my revenge.

"Dear Prunella Oddpot,

Inbreeniation has lept...leapted...jumped upon me, and I have become drunc...drunnch...tipsy.

I will continue working, as I am much better when I know.

Sometimes, as I fall asleep, in my head I write better than Shakesphere...Shakespeer...that writer dude from prehistoric England.  But, at those particular moments, I cannot tipe...typpe...make any of those little marks...letters? on the paper.  Or remember wher you put the paper into the coputer...computter...laptop.

I shall press on regardless.


Wilburforce Q. Noodlewit

P.S.  Just kidding. For your amusement only. Tweet or post this and I will hunt you down and yank out the earring you wear in your eyebrow."

Oooo, just you try it, Shooter! I'll give you such a zetz (as Jack Abel used to say).


Alejandro said...


Will said...

Made purfect-o since two me. Yer funny when I'm funkedup.

Donovan Yaciuk said...

I love the ridiculous names! It reminds me of how I refer to "Huey Lewis & The News" as "Huebert J. Lewis and the Newsprints"!

Pastrami said...

Perhaps this explains the oddball dream I had about the two o youse last night. Powerful spirits at work...

Vinnie Bartilucci said...

Well, if it's in your eyebrow, it's not really an earring, is it?

It's rather strange that we've had to jump to the generic term "Piercing", as there are so SO manyplaces it could go.

JayJayJackson said...

Well, I call it an eyebrow ring, but Jim is very silly. Give me time... I'll expose him as the silliest late-night serial emailer in the world. He gets all tanked up on Gatorade and Lifewaters and then he's up to his antics. It will all come out, eventually. lol.

Sonofspam said...

love it